Are you embarrassed to smile with your silver fillings?

I was given two silver fillings in back molars and told they would NOT be visible when I smiled or laughed. They're not very noticeable, however this hasn't been entirely true. And, to make matters worse, the one silver filling that is a bit noticeable is the one I've had to have a root canal on...so it's just messed up.

These are comments from persons who have had silver fillings placed in their teeth. They are representative of the sentiments of persons who have had their teeth filled with silver fillings.

Why silver fillings?

Silver fillings or amalgam are used by the dentist due to the presence of dental cavities. To eliminate the decay, the damaged tooth is cleaned and covered using amalgam. Amalgam is quite effective in treating dental caries and have been used over the years for this very purpose. The amalgam filling is made from different metals including silver, zinc, mercury, tin and copper.  It is trusted by dental practitioners the world over.

Its silvery appearance is usually an eyesore when there is a need to open the mouth widely, especially when laughing or yawning. Many persons are understandably self-conscious when in public.

Silver fillings are usually used on back teeth and some persons opt to have tooth-colored fillings for the front of the mouth.

Be Confident

The importance of oral care cannot be stressed enough to prevent dental caries and periodontal diseases. Of course, if you have a problem, feel free to make an appointment to see Dr. Vadivel T Kumar DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board-Certified Periodontist. Always be assured – you are in good hands.

Confidence is more than being skin deep issue – even with a smile. It is knowing who you are and being comfortable with you in whatever circumstance. The beautiful smiles ToothHQ Dental Specialists help with boosts that confidence.

While this may be so – it should never be a reason to keep us from socializing and having fun.

An Event for you

One place you can really let your hair down is at the upcoming Library Event on January 20, 2018 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM. It will take place at

Carrollton Public Library at Hebron & Josey

4220 N Josey Lane

Carrollton, Texas 75010

This is a definite must go. You will be able to test your mental fortitude for social deduction or for social trivia. If you wish, you bring your own game to challenge other game specialists. This adult event is a great way to make new friends and just unwind after a long week of hard work. It is a free event. Just go to the following link:


Make it a date! Add to your calendar and set up your reminders so that you do not miss this exciting afternoon of board games.

Cosmetic Dentistry

ToothHQ Dental Specialists can help you better your smile through the various dental techniques:

  • Teeth Whitening: External stains and yellowing on the teeth are removed. The natural white is brought back giving you a dazzling smile.
  • Veneers: Internal staining is corrected, gaps corrected, chips hidden, and the teeth aligned to look straight and more like each other.
  • Crowns: Crowns cover chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Fillings: Amalgam or silver filling may be provided for that painful tooth or where cavities are found. Should you decide, tooth-colored fillings may be used, and this accomplishes the dual role of treating the caries as well as improving the smile.
  • Orthodontic treatments align the teeth and repair gaps as well as overcrowding

Dr. Kumar and his team are specialists in their area of expertise and will give you the best service and management of the treatments needed.

They are in Carrollton, TX or Grapevine, TX. You may just decide to stop by Saturday morning ahead of the games! Give ToothHQ Dental Specialists a call on 817-756-8578 or make your booking right now online at  ToothHQ Dental Specialists. If this is your first time, the consultation is free of cost and you will be provided with a free 3D CAT scan if needed.

The staff and Dr. Kumar are more than happy to help you as it concerns insurance plans, or payment plans:

  • Cash Discounts on Services
  • Credit Card Discounts
  • No-Interest Payment Plans
  • Insurance Accepted & Filed
  • Medical Insurance Filing
  • Co-Pay Only Collection

Make It a Date

Take out your best bud, your pal or even your significant other and be prepared to slam or be slammed! If you have silver fillings – don’t be shy, but still come on out. Don’t let the fact that you have silver fillings keep you away – you are accepted and appreciated just the way you are!