Rich in polyphenols

The Protective Role of Polyphenols In Oral Health

Benefits from Green Tea

Green tea has attracted the eyes of researchers worldwide because of its many health benefits. Among them is the fact that a study in Japan showed that drinking larger amounts of green tea lowered the death rate from all causes.

Apple Polyphenols

You have probably always heard the saying that an apple a day will help keep the doctor away. There appears to be a lot of truth to this old adage. The polyphenols in apples have been found to help prevent cancer of the colon, reduction of the loss of bone mass in women in menopause, provide better cholesterol control, and it can help patients who have allergies and asthma. Another benefit of apple polyphenols is that there are no toxic effects even when given in high doses.

Combined Polyphenols

It is recommended that you aim to get a wide variety of polyphenols instead of those that come in just one or two sources. This is because it is believed that the combined benefit gained from different kinds is better than what you would gain from just one or two kinds.

Reducing the Risk of Caries

Caries, or cavities, are known to be the work of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. Reducing the amount of this bacterium in the oral cavity will lower the risk of cavities. Polyphenols have been shown to have this effect. Other polyphenols have been shown to be able to prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Other studies have shown that polyphenols may also help to prevent and even reduce the symptoms of oral cancer. They can also help reduce the bacteria causing halitosis.

These potent chemical compounds have also been shown to be able to fight oral candidiasis, also called oral thrush.  Polyphenols found in curcumin and cocoa were found to inhibit growth and to disrupt existing biofilm communities.

Polyphenols still Many of the foods we eat today have little nutritional value. Because of this, your oral health can suffer, especially if you eat a lot of junk food. In contrast, some foods are so packed with beneficial goodies that they will not only positively impact your oral health, but also your overall health.

The Ingredients

With natural foods, it is possible to get many beneficial ingredients that are not found in processed or fast foods. Some of the best ingredients in these foods are anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer), and anti-cariogenic (anti-cavities). The chemical compounds in foods that have all of these properties are known as polyphenols.

About Polyphenols

Polyphenols are a plant-based compound that belongs to a group of compounds called phytochemicals. There are more than 8,000 different types of compounds in this group, including the more common names of flavonoids, phenolic acids, stilbenes, and lignans.  

This important compound is found in many foods, including spices, herbs, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, cereals, nuts, honey, and more. Some beverages that come from plants also contain them, such as tea, coffee, red wine, and beer.

Foods High in Polyphenols

Many foods contain polyphenols, but some contain more than others. Here are some of the polyphenol rich foods with the most:

  • Cloves – it has the most of any plant.

  • Cocoa powder – fourth richest in polyphenols; dark chocolate contains more than milk chocolate.

  • Berries – blueberries have more than other berries, followed by blackberries and strawberries.

  • Fruits – black currents have the most, followed by plums.

  • Beans – white and black beans have the most.

  • Nuts – hazelnuts and pecans have the most.

  • Black and green tea.

Polyphenols Benefits

The benefits of polyphenols include a wide variety of things that ought to be too good to pass up. Among the benefits, there are:

  • Contains many antioxidants

  • Helps protect against heart disease

  • Prevents clotting of the blood

  • Provides better blood sugar control

  • Relieves inflammation

  • May inhibit the development of cancer

Additional Benefits

  • Lose weight – A study found that there is a connection between weight gain and flavonoids. When more flavonoids were consumed, it resulted in less weight gain.

  • Heart disease – When looking at the results of previous studies, researchers found that consuming cocoa for two weeks and more was able to lower blood pressure. In addition, it also reduced LDL cholesterol (bad) and raised HDL cholesterol (good) levels.

  • Reduce the effects of agingStudies have been conducted that revealed that polyphenols reduced the effects of aging in more than one way. The benefits showed that it helped prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis), slowed the rate of cognitive decline, and helped to reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

need to be researched more in order to learn more about them. Consumption of them should be moderate, but it is also recommended that products with polyphenols focusing on oral health, such as toothpaste, mouth sprays, mouth rinses, and chewing gum, can be freely used.

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