How to Date Confidently with Dentures

How to Relax and Become Confident with Dentures

When you go out on a date, you want to exude a good deal of confidence. Having a great looking set of teeth will help, but what if your teeth are not real – they are dentures? Can you still be confident worrying about what your date might think? Unfortunately, worrying about what someone else thinks about your teeth will not help you to have a comfortable and enjoyable date. Here are some tips on how to be confident, to relax, and have a good time.

Be Thankful for Teeth

While it is true that your teeth may not be real, it is much better than not having any. Many people lose their teeth for various reasons. Be thankful and glad that you can smile and show white teeth. Remember that you are not there to hide your teeth. If you are dating and looking for love, you want your mind on your date.

Taking some steps in advance of the date, whether you are wearing partial dentures or full dentures, will enable you to display confidence. It will also take your mind off of your teeth and let you enjoy the other person.

Realize That Your Date Will Not Likely Even Notice

In most cases, it is unlikely that your date will even notice that you are wearing dentures. As long as they look like real teeth, they are not going to stand out and draw attention. It is your imagination that tells you that it will be a problem.

If you have had your dentures for a while, you have probably noticed that when you meet other people, that they do not have a clue. Your date will not notice either. Dentures are made to look real – even when up close.

Smile Big

Smiling a lot will not only help your confidence, but it will also help your date to relax. It also makes a good impression, and people are more focused on your pleasant face with a smile than studying your teeth.

Learn to Use the Right Amount of Adhesive

Using the right amount of denture adhesive will help keep your teeth in place. This may take a little time to learn just how much the right amount is, but if your dentures fit right, they should stay in place. You can determine if it is the right amount by noticing whether or not they slip when you are eating. If they can stay in place while you eat, you should not have any problem later – even when kissing.

The key to keeping dentures in place is not to use too much adhesive. If you do, they are likely going to slip even more. If they are loose and do not fit very well anymore, go back to your dentist and have them adjusted.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Dentures can quickly cause you to have bad breath. Make sure that when you go out on a date that your teeth are clean. This will help you to be more kissable when that moment comes. You will also be more confident about being up close if you know your breath is fresh.

Use a soft toothbrush on your dentures to clean them. Do the same for your gums to remove any food particles, and use a good mouthwash.  

Practice Talking

If you have new dentures, it may take a little time to learn how to talk correctly and comfortably with dentures. If you practice in front of a mirror, it will help you to talk more naturally and gain confidence about how you talk.

Choose Your Food Carefully

When you select the food you are going to eat, avoid choosing foods that are going to get stuck in your teeth. This means you may want to select something that can easily be chewed. If you use the right amount of adhesive, it should not make much of a difference.

Be Honest About Your Dentures

When out on a first date, it is unlikely that the two of you are going to talk about false teeth. The subject is not apt to even come up. If it does, you should be honest about it. Once it is out in the open, it will help you relax and be more natural. If for some reason there is a rejection, it is unlikely that the relationship would have worked out well anyway. After all, the fact that you have artificial teeth is not going to change. If they cannot accept it now, they are not likely going to change their opinion any time soon.

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