3 – 5 out of every 10 persons exhibit periodontal disease. This is a disease where there is a loosening of the gum around the tooth and there is possible  bone loss  due to the work of bacteria in pockets surrounding the tooth.  Periodontal disease  though treatable is also linked to various systemic diseases such as liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, heart disease and many others. Research has shown that with the early treatment of periodontitis the progression of these systemic diseases may be slowed considerably.

The Role of the Periodontist

On your first visit to the periodontist – he examines the mouth and gums for any abnormalities that may give rise to  periodontitis.  In his work – he is the first medical practitioner who may be the one to pick up other health issues in his patient. He can, therefore, diagnose and or provide the necessary steps to the patient to help prevent the spread of such diseases.

It is his role to prevent, diagnose and treat periodontal disease. In his role. he is also able to pick up and possibly prevent the progression of other diseases in the body.

How is this so?

The periodontist has undergone specialized training and understands that there is a link between oral health as well as the general health of an individual. Using the Common Risk Factor Approach that recognizes that the oral health of an individual has the same risk factors of chronic diseases, the importance of the periodontist is heightened as under routine dental checkups, he is the person most likely to diagnose secondary conditions affecting his patient. These include:

         Signs of osteoporosis – where there is bone loss

         Mouth lesions may be the initial indicator of HIV

         Bleeding and pale gums may indicate that there are blood disorders

The Common Risk Factor Approach makes the work of the periodontist inter-disciplinary or inter-sectoral where he works with others in the medical profession and other sectors of the wider community towards education, prevention, and treatment.

Oral disease is the most prevalent preventable disease which shares common influences for the causative and evolutionary nature of a systemic disease. These include:

  • Diet  A balanced diet promotes a healthy body as well as the health of gums and teeth. Imbalanced diets promote dental cavities, heart disease, diabetes and cancers
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco The effects may be periodontitis, heart disease, respiratory diseases, and cancers
  • Consuming Alcohol  Liver cirrhosis, heart disease, periodontitis, and cancers all share the same risks for persons who abuse alcohol.
  • Hygiene  Influences the presence of periodontal disease and other  inflammations.

Cleaning your teeth on a regular basis as well as making regular visits to your periodontist helps as the periodontist monitors your oral health for irregularities that help promote other diseases influenced by periodontitis. If you are in the Carrollton or Grapevine area, a periodontist is there to help you! By name, he is Dr. Vadivel T Kumar DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board-Certified Periodontist of Implant and Gumcare.

Liver Disease and Oral Health

Figures show that ¼ of global populations, of about 80 – 100 million, exhibit excessive hepatic (from the liver) fat accumulation. This coincides with figures for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) which is prevalent in developing countries in adults 40 – 50 year-old. (1,4) NAFLD is an umbrella term used for a number of liver conditions. 

NAFLD is evidenced by an enlarged liver, extreme tiredness, and pain in the upper part of the abdomen. It is usually seen in persons who are overweight and have some resistance in their body to insulin, may have Type 2 diabetes and have fat in the blood. Complications arising from this is linked with coronary heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

In a study, it was found that periodontal treatments helped to improve liver functions in patients suffering from NAFLD. These included oral hygiene procedures, such as root planing and scaling.

Liver cirrhosis is another major liver disease across the globe. Here the basic structure of the liver is destroyed rendering the liver with the shortened capability to perform its functions such as detoxification of the blood. To note, persons with liver cirrhosis suffer from periodontitis.

Where to get help

Certainly, keeping in touch with your medical practitioner once diagnosed with any form of liver disease. However, we see that going to visit the periodontist helps in the basic or a percentage of the function of the liver. Why not take advantage of Dr. Kumar’s promotion were all first-time visitors are provided with a free consultation as well as free 3D scan if deemed necessary? Dr. Kumar and his team will provide you with excellent service. Do give ToothHQ Dental Specialists a call on 817-756-8578. You’ll be glad you did!