5k Dog Marathon

You’ve been gearing up for it ever since the day you registered. Every evening after work, there is the stretching and working out major muscle groups in preparation for the 5k Dog Race at McInnish Dog Park. One thing that may not have been on your checklist is to ensure that your dental health is in tip-top shape.

Why do runners have a bad dental rep?

  • Fueling up the wrong way: veryone needs to fuel up. Runners tend to use gums, chews and sports drinks. These provide added sugars to the naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth which feed and the result is broken down enamel which protects the inner portion of the teeth and cavities. The best thing to do is to swish the mouth with water after ingesting these sugary fuel boosters. In addition to this, it is best not to use those items with tactic or citric acid, as these ingredients help to erode the enamel over extended use.
  • Breathing through the mouth:  This is another common practice among runners. While it gives added comfort – it also dries out her mouth. And a drier mouth means a greater risk of developing dental caries. It is best to ensure that you rehydrate and drink water. Using the chewable sugar free gum may be helpful.
  • Compromising Dental Work:  The cement used in crowns and fillings is not as strong as our own. Therefore, when the gums, chews and sports drinks are ingested, over a period the cement in your crown or filling begin to break away. Do cut down on these sweet treats or watch what is being ingested. Alternatives like bananas or peanut butter are healthier and great alternative.
  • Using your teeth as an opener: This is a no brainer. The risk of chipping your teeth comes with using them as a bottle opener. Best to refrain from this practice.
  • Teeth Grinding: This may happen during strenuous workouts or at night during sleep. Persons who grind during their sleep usually complain of a stiffened neck and pain. Mouthguards during workout is a good fix. Another is try relaxing while going through the workout session.

Adopt A Dog

At the 5k 2n Annual Run for Rover, you will be provided the opportunity to adopt a canine friend for your very own. This 5k will take place at McInnish Dog Park & Sports Complex on February 17th, 2018. You will be able to walk with your new furry friend.

Do you already have a dog? That is no problem at all – take him or her, as the more the merrier. The day will certainly be marked with the run or the walk along with play time, treats and give-a-ways! You simply cannot afford to miss out.

If you will become a new pet owner, here are a couple things you will need to mindful of and beware:

  • Loveable as they may be dog’s mouths carry bacteria – most times bacteria that we humans do not have. Kissing your dog heightens the risk of the bacteria being passed on to you. Research has found that humans can also transmit periodontal disease bacteria to their pets. Dr. Paul Maza of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University maintains that the oral health of man and dog through brushing of the teeth will reduce the risk of transmission. Ensure you stock up on the doggy care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipe pads and chew toys as you go to select your next best friend.
  • It is still advisable to refrain from kissing our canine friends and they usually use their mouths in grooming and ingest fecal matter. Persons with a compromised immune system must refrain from this activity for their own good.
  • Be sure to brush your pet’s teeth daily. It is possible that even their mouths can be cleaner than your own. Better safe than sorry – even if you are not the kissing type. Just as in humans, having good oral care practices will keep the development of cavities, etc. at bay. Be sure to take your furry friend for an annual checkup to monitor for any disease or oral abnormalities.
  • Maintain your own dental health by brushing your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes at a time.  A bi-annual visit to one such as Dr. Vadivel T Kumar DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board-Certified Periodontist of ToothHQ Dental Specialists will help to keep you on the right track for your own dental health. His offices can be found in Carrollton and Grapevine in Texas. Book your appointment now and as a new patient you will receive free consultation and if needed a 3D CAT scan. Be as committed to yourself as you are to keep the health of your dog.

Get ready to walk off or burn off that holiday build up with your dog. If you have not registered yet, register now and join this walk with your dog.