Wisdom Teeth are Your Third and Final Set of Molars that Most People Get in Their Late Teens or Early Twenties. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure Price

Can Wisdom Tooth Removal Cause Nerve Damage?

Can Extraction of Wisdom Teeth Cause More Problems? Nerve damage is often discussed in wisdom tooth extraction procedures, but rarely does it ever occur. Wisdom tooth removal may occasionally result in accidental lingual nerve damage. Removing wisdom teeth is a common occurrence. Many people have them removed because of crowded teeth, and others have wisdom…

Put Ice on Swollen Cheeks

Cause of Swollen Gums Around a Wisdom Tooth

Why Infected Gums Shouldn’t Be Ignored Swollen gums and inflammation around a wisdom tooth is not something that you want to ignore. It indicates that there is an infection, and it could become severe. This condition is called pericoronitis. Watching for other symptoms that accompany it is essential, and it needs to be diagnosed quickly…