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Crown Lengthening

What is Crown Lengthening and Does it Hurt?

Crown lengthening is performed to recontour the gum tissue and expose more of a tooth’s surface to extend the height of the portion of the tooth that is above the gumline. When part of a tooth is missing, crown lengthening is performed to recreate the needed amount of exposed tooth so that restorative dental procedures are successful.

Is Crown lengthening necessary?

Crown lengthening is essential when a dentist discovers tooth decay that is not easily accessible. This decay is typically burrowed deep beneath the gum line, and no matter what methods are used, the dentist cannot efficiently access the tooth decay without performing a crown lengthening procedure.

Many dental conditions require a crown lengthening procedure. A few of these common dental conditions include severe tooth decay below the gums and teeth that have fractured and broken beneath the gum line. A crown lengthening procedure is designed to reduce the jawbone level and surrounding gum tissue to increase access to the respective teeth.

How painful is a crown lengthening procedure?

A crown lengthening procedure requires you to be put under local anesthesia. This is so you don’t feel pain during the lengthening procedure. The Periodontist will then surgically cut into the gum and expose the tooth root and jawbone.

How long does a Crown Lengthening Procedure Last?

Crown lengthening is a common dental surgical procedure, usually performed in less than an hour. Specialized surgical instruments are used to recontour the gum tissue and the underlying bone around the tooth. Only the gum tissue that is in the immediate area surrounding the respective tooth will be affected, and there is typically no risk to any adjacent teeth.

Who Can Perform a Crown Lengthening Surgery?

A board-certified periodontist performs the crown lengthening procedure under a local anesthetic. Sedation is also available for patients who desire it. The target section of the gums is decreased and re-shaped through the eradication of modest amounts of gum tissue. The aim is to lengthen the relevant teeth and create more of a symmetrical gum line.

How long does it take to heal from crown lengthening?

In most cases, crown lengthening does not require additional post-operative care. Any pain can be managed with ibuprofen. Though crown lengthening patients typically return to work and begin eating soft foods the day after dental surgery, full recovery generally takes one or two weeks. This simple dental procedure goes a long way in guaranteeing a healthy, long-lasting crown restoration.

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